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Business Review Meeting for Investors and Entepreneurs (2 hours)

Marc Perron

I will spend 2 hours with you and your team to discuss and get my insights and advices on any of the following topic regarding your business (or other topic of your choice):

  • intellectual property, product development, R&D
  • marketing strategy & sales (direct, indirect)
  • technology and commercial partnerships
  • financing and preparation to meet with investors (business plan, sales and cash flow projections, etc.)
  • business ideas

You can send me documents before the meeting and I will review them just before we meet. Yes, I can sign a NDA if needed. The call will be done via Google Meet (or any other video conference tool).


  • Document review (optional)
  • Business Review meeting (2 hours)
  • Meeting summary by email after the meeting


$500 per meeting

Who am I and why me? Marc Perron, ing., Ph.D. based in Quebec City, Canada.

- 15 years of experience analyzing and commercializing technologies coming from academia research in many different fields of application (lasers, photonics, medical devices, EV charging stations, food industry, etc.) and business models (software licensing, product selling, service offering, etc.). Those companies have generated over $100M in investments.

- My key skill is to be fluent in both technical and business languages. Hence, I can understand deep technical/product vision from inventors and articulate it correctly so that it quickly get traction on the business side (customers, partners, investors).

- Ethics: I am a member of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec and Senior IEEE Member.

- Check my recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.

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Business Review Meeting for Investors and Entepreneurs (2 hours)

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