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Technology Licensee Prospection Service for R&D Centers and Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) - Intro Call

Marc Perron

A researcher from your organization has filed for an invention disclosure, it has been reviewed by your Intellectual Property Committee and you have decided to protect the invention. Congrats!

Now what do you do?

  • If your invention is really a breakthrough, it will be easy for you to find interest. OK.
  • If your invention has attracted interest from local entrepreneur/investor and has great/quick growth market potential, you will likely build a startup out of it. OK.
  • If this invention has value but not enough to create a startup and/or you have reserved its use for other applications than main application (long tail of apps), then you now have a new option to monetize your invention: my prospection service.

What I propose:

1- To contact at least 25 potential Licensees for you in the next 6 months period in order to have your invention Licensed and/or to start a maturation/demonstration project.

In order to do that I will:

2- Build my teaser/brochure out of your existing technology material (here is a real example).

3- Build a list of 25 contacts and have them reviewed by you BEFORE beginning to contact them to make sure there is no conflict and it is well aligned with your objectives.

4- Manage negotiation with potential Licensee for/with you.

5- Prepare and present a sales report to you 6 months and 12 months after the beginning of the project.


$10,000 per technology for 12 months (plus taxes, if applicable).


- Your invention is NOT in the field of life science (anything else is OK: electronics, software, optics, semiconductors, etc.).

- Your invention is patented or patent pending in US and/or Canada.

- You have a real demo/prototype that can be presented to potential Licensees (TRL3-4).

- You have a short video showing the performance of the technology (2-5 minutes).

- You have a detailed datasheet / technical document describing the technology.

- Upon success (new License and/or project), I will receive commission (to be negotiated together, please book a meeting with me for details).

Prospection executed by: Marc Perron, ing., Ph.D. based in Quebec City, Canada.

- 15 years of experience commercializing technologies coming from academia research in many different fields of application (lasers, photonics, medical devices, EV charging stations, food industry, etc.) and business models (software licensing, product selling, service offering, etc.).

- My key skill is to be fluent in both technical and business languages. Hence, I can understand deep technical/product vision from inventors and articulate it correctly so that it quickly get traction on the business side (customers, partners, investors).

- I have a structured process of qualifying prospects, contacting them and converting through the sales pipeline up to a signed contract (objective).

- Ethics: I am a member of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec and Senior IEEE Member.

Special needs?

I am open to discuss any special needs to help you reach for business objectives.

How to start?

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Professional prospecting/sales service with structured process.


Technology Licensee Prospection Service for R&D Centers and Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) - Intro Call

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