Quick & Independent Technology Due Diligence for Investors and Entrepreneurs


Inventors, engineers and technical people are people having a passion with for their work. Sometimes, their enthousiam can generate false expectations on the actual potential or status/maturity of their current work/inventions/technology. Sometimes, on the other hand, they can underestimate the real potential of their expertise or technology because they have some biases or blind spot that blocks them to imagine what could be done.

This is the problem I solve with this service: giving a independent opinion on a technology based on some preliminary research and interview with the "inventor" (the main person behind the technology). By knowing your investment objectives, I can give you a clear view of the situation on the following questions:

  • the full story behind the invention (does the company really own the technology?)
  • purpose of the technology and how it fits within prior art
  • is the technology really a breakthrough ("must have") or simple improvement ("nice to have")?
  • what level of "barrier to entry" can this technology bring to the business? Is it a real advantage?
  • are major R&D development already done or need to be done?
  • the current level of technology maturity (TRL): is it "market-ready"?
  • the realism of inventor's vision on his/her technology and the potential for future developments
  • are there major problems for scaling the product (manufacturing + supply chain issues) ?
  • the Intellectual Property (IP) status

Typical process:

  1. Quick meeting between you and me to qualify your needs (Free, No-Engagement).
  2. I review all documents provided to me and accessible on the technology.
  3. I prepare an interview with inventor based on my perceptions of the technology.
  4. I execute a 3-hour interview with the inventor (remotely).
  5. I prepare a short report based on my findings, the interview and my opinion on the technology.
  6. We have a 1-hour meeting to present and discuss the findings.


  1. Short technology review report based on Dr. Marc Perron's findings.
  2. Report presentation to your team (remotely, 1h).

What is not included in this service (limitations):

  • Verification testing on the performance of the technology
  • Any legal advice on the Intellectual Property (e.g. Freedom to Operate / FTO)
  • Face to face meeting with inventor / visit of inventor's laboratory (can be done, + fees).


$5,000 per technology (done within 6 weeks).

Who am I and why me? Marc Perron, ing., Ph.D. based in Quebec City, Canada.

- 15 years of experience analyzing and commercializing technologies coming from academia research in many different fields of application (lasers, photonics, medical devices, EV charging stations, food industry, etc.) and business models (software licensing, product selling, service offering, etc.). Those companies have generated over $100M in investments.

- My key skill is to be fluent in both technical and business languages. Hence, I can understand deep technical/product vision from inventors and articulate it correctly so that it quickly get traction on the business side (customers, partners, investors).

- Ethics: I am a member of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec and Senior IEEE Member.

- Check customer recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.

Not sure?

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Quick & Independent Technology Due Diligence for Investors and Entrepreneurs

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