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Startup Entrepreneur Coaching Service for Incubators - Intro Call

Marc Perron

Most of the time, startups from incubators are lead by new entrepreneurs. Suddenly, they need to cope with new things such as product development, financing, marketing, sales, partnerships, etc. Even those having it 'in their blood' find it quite difficult and make costly mistakes, if not properly coached at the beginning on the fundamentals concepts that every entrepreneur need to quickly catch and convert business opportunities. This personalized Coaching Service covers the business side (mostly) as well as the personal side (if needed: fear to approach customer, fear of failures, etc.) of the startup entrepreneur journey.

Typical program:

1- Intro meeting with incubator director to understand incubator objectives and processes.

2- Kick off meeting to better understand the technology, business project and meet entrepreneurs.

3- Agree on short term objectives (incubator and entrepreneurs).

4- Articulate a 'Coaching Plan' around those objectives.

5- Use weekly meeting to progress on the agreed 'Coaching Plan' while at the same time handle all other secondary topics (preparation to meet customers, partners, investors, to review opportunities/sales pipeline, etc.).

6- Update 'Coaching Plan' down the road with approval of incubator director.


- 4 hours live calls per month (1h per week or 2h every two weeks)

- unlimited 24/7 text-based communications between calls

- market watch: news articles from time to time related to project interest (competing tech/products/firms, financing deals, partnership opportunities, etc.)

- monthly report on progress to incubator (30 minutes call)

- business document templates for Business Plan, 36 months sales projections and cash flow


$1500 per month per project (taxes not included, if applicable)

Coaching executed by: Marc Perron, ing., Ph.D. based in Quebec City, Canada.

- 15 years of experience coaching university technology based startup entrepreneurs in many different fields of application (lasers, photonics, medical devices, EV charging stations, food industry, etc.), business models (software licensing, product selling, service offering, etc.) and situations (product development, venture capital financing, team building, product launch, marketing, sales, partnerships, etc.). Those projects have generated over $100M in investment over time.

- My key skill is to be fluent in both technical and business languages. Hence, I can understand deep technical/product vision from inventors and articulate it correctly so that it quickly get traction on the business side (customers, partners, investors).

- I am here to complete your team and current processes, not to compete with your existing staff and resources. I have a track record of being able to cope with every type of personalities (especially difficult/complex ones) and to deliver quick results.

- Ethics: I am a member of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec and Senior IEEE Member.

Special needs?

I am open to discuss any special needs to help you reach for business objectives.

How to start?

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Personalized coaching aligned with your TTO policies and process.

Live coaching via Google Hangout
1 hour per week
24/7 Google Chat communications between meetings
Market watch
Monthly Report to TTO on progess
Business documents templates
English or French

Startup Entrepreneur Coaching Service for Incubators - Intro Call

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